hiking in North Albania, the Accursed Mountains, nestled in the heart of the Albanian Alps.

A transcendent experience in the Albanian Alps, where nature's grandeur unfolds in a symphony of rugged peaks, verdant valleys, and ancient traditions. The trails winds through pristine landscapes, revealing a mosaic of wildflowers, crystal-clear streams, and imposing limestone cliffs.

As hikers ascend , the panorama expands, offering breathtaking views of the Accursed Mountains. The trail, etched by centuries of shepherds' footsteps, guides adventurers through alpine meadows and dense pine forests, creating an immersive journey into the heart of one of Europe's last untouched wildernesses.

Along the way, encounters with local villagers and their stone-built homes provide a glimpse into the resilient culture of the Albanian highlands. The rugged beauty, combined with warm hospitality and the challenge of conquering lofty summits, makes hiking in the Albanian Alps an unforgettable exploration of both nature's majesty and the rich tapestry of Albanian mountain life.

Included: A 10-day excursion featuring stays in 6 guesthouses and 3 nights at a hotel.  9 breakfasts, 7 packed lunches, 1 restaurant lunch, along with 9 delightful dinners. Experience 6 transfers, a unique mule bagade transport, expert guiding, and an abundance of heartfelt moments.

 Day 1. Airport -Shkoder

Upon arrival in Shkodër, we will rendezvous with the group and proceed to the city of Shkodra, which is not only the capital of northern Albania but also an important trading center for the region. During our visit, we will explore ancient castles and learn about the city’s rich history, which dates back 2500 years and has been continuously inhabited to the present day. From the castle, we will be treated to a breathtaking panorama of the Shkodra field, which is surrounded by the rivers that are headed by the Albanians, as well as the largest lake in the Balkans, Lake of Shkodra. The Adriatic coastline is located a mere 8 kilometers away and can be easily viewed on clear days. After checking into the hotel, we will take a stroll through the city’s pedestrian area, which is characterized by Venetian-style buildings.

Bus Transfer 95 km, approximately 2 hours

 Day 2. Shkoder Koman Valbona

We will start our day early and embark on a journey to the Albanian Alps via an old road that leads us to the dam of one of the largest hydropower plants in the Balkans. The lake created by the dam is now a popular tourist attraction, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. This lake is now known as the fjord of southern Europe. After a short transfer, we will arrive at Sale, where we will begin our walk along the Valbona River in the forest, surrounded by Fagus trees. The walk will take approximately 2.5 hours and will conclude at the GH, where we will be hosted by the members of the house and spend the night.

Bus Transfer 75km, 2.5 h, 30km boot 2.5 h, Hiking +350m -250, 3h

 Day 3. Valbona - Mountain Rosi -Valbona

After enjoying a scrumptious breakfast, we will make our way to the top of Rossi, whose summit separates Albania from Montenegro. Our target for today is to reach the former border pyramid. Once we reach the summit, we will be treated to a breathtaking view of the Accursed Mountains, the second highest mountain, Jezerca (2695 m), and the peak of Rossi (2522 m). We will then begin our way back and we will make a stop at the Ramas shepherd's hut, where we can enjoy a cup of coffee or refreshment while admiring the stunning landscape of Valbona Valley, which is situated approximately 800 meters over the Walley.

Bus Transfer NO Hiking +750-750 6h

 Day 4. Valbon- Kuji Rrogamit - Valbona

From the Guesthouse, we will head on a picturesque journey to the top of the peak of Kuji i Rrogamit. The walk will take us through a dense forest, which will lead us to a multiflowered meadow where we can rest as desired. We will then climb to the top of Kuji i Rogamit, which is located 1830 meters above sea level. From the summit, we will be treated to a clear and impressive panorama of the entire Valley of Valbona and the peak of the Mountain of Jezerca, which is the fourth highest in Albania and the sixth highest in the Balkans.

Bus Transfer NO Hiking +750, -750, 6h

 Day 5. Valbona - Theth

Today is the cherry on top of our walks, as we embark on the Valbona Theth pass, which is one of the most beautiful attractions in the Balkans and has been used by Albanian mountaineers for centuries. Valbona’s Pass is located at 1860 meters above sea level and offers a stunning view of the two most beautiful valleys in the Balkans, Valbona and Theth, where the mountain pass owns two valleys simultaneously. The descent to Theth is made through a forest mass of beech, which is one of the most beautiful forests in Albania. During our walk, we will have the opportunity to stop at one of the service structures set up to serve the many hikers in this area. The descent to Theth also gives us the chance to cool down in the cold water of the Theth River, which flows from the glacial peaks of Albanian mountains. While our luggage will be carried by transport mules directly to our guesthouse

Bus Transfer NO Hiking +900, -900, 7 h

 Day 6. Theth -Peja Pass-Theth

The Peja Pass is a former traditional trail of the caravans during the Middle Ages that ran from the city of Shkodra towards Peja in Kosovo, as well as towards the cities of Montenegro. The ascent to the Pass of Peja offers a clear view of the Theth valley, which is located among the Accursed Mountains and is one of the 14 national parks of Albania. The Peja Pass is situated at 1710 meters above sea level.


Bus Transfer NO Hiking +900, -900, 7h


 Day 7. Theth - Nderlysaj

Today will be relaxed day with the easiest walk along the river of Theth. The first visit will be to the Lock in Tower and the old church where we will learn more about the usances and honor code of the Albanian highlanders, blood feud and how it was chosen in the Middle Ages. We continue for about 40 minutes' walk towards the Grunas waterfall, which falls from 25 meters high and is a natural monument within the national park of Theth. Inside the national park of Theth. The walk towards the village of The Nderlysaj will be done across the deep river by the side of my sword. The arrival in Nderlysaj also shows us the delta of the river of Theth and that which flows from the karstic source of the blue eye.

Bus Transfer NO, Hiking +350m, -350m, 5h

 Day 8. Nderlysaj - Blue Eye- Thorre Pass, - Kruja 

Today's hike, although picturesque, poses the most challenging leg of our tour. Setting out from the guesthouse, our journey leads us to the source of Blue Eye. Following a pause at the crystalline water basin formed by this source, we embark on a demanding ascent through the catchment's mouth toward the Thorres Pass. Navigating the steep climb amidst the dense pine and oak forest adds an element of difficulty. Upon completing the hike, a local beer or raki awaits to celebrate our triumph. A bus then transports us to Kruja, the historical capital of Albania and a symbolic center. The Kruje Castle, entwined with the legacy of national hero Gjergj Kastriot, awaits exploration. Following check-in, delve into the medieval castle's history, stroll through the city's medieval bazaar, and conclude the day with dinner at the hotel.

Bus Transfer 200 km 3.5 hours, Hiking +1300, -130, 6 hours. 

 Day 9. Kruja -Tirana 

Embarking on the journey to Tirana, the energetic and lively capital, we arrive and promptly drop our luggage at the hotel before commencing the city tour. Tirana unfolds as a mosaic of diverse architectures – from the Illyrian-Roman mosaic and medieval Ottoman influences on the rationalism of the 20s, socialist realism, and contemporary structures. The afternoon grants free time for personal exploration of the vibrant capital. Later, enjoy dinner at a city-center restaurant, providing an opportunity to share the trip's highlights.

Bus Transfer 25 km Hiking NO

 Day 10. Tirana - Airport

As we bid farewell to Albania, a blend of reluctance and anticipation to return accompanies us. Exchanging contact details with the guide and driver, we eagerly plan to share photos and cherished memories from this journey. Departing with hearts full of joy, we head home.

Bus Transfer 17 km Hiking NO